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Character and head base for trade


Eater of Donuts
Hey guys I've thought a long time on it and I feel like I've made my decision, I am putting Ennedra up for trade/sale
She's going to come with

- 40+ pieces of artwork and an updated ref sheet upon request

link to artwork ---> http://sta.sh/297riw62qqv?edit=1

- a head base that I'm still working on that can include eyes, a clay nose, and a resin jaw set made by YEEP! costumes upon request

Link to head base --->https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?...301200.-2207520000.1439260317.&type=3&theater

- a piggy bank custom painted to look like her

link to piggy bank ---> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?...301200.-2207520000.1439260317.&type=3&theater

I'm looking to trade her out for a plain black bodysuit or some black digi legs for my partial suit, Cleo
I've put a lot of money and love into this character and care a lot about getting her to a person who will absolutely use her. I do need a bodysuit or digi legs for my Cleo suit though and I've since re designed a completely different looking fursona but same species, so I don't want Ennedra to just fade away especially since she has so much art and meaning behind her, if anyone is interested feel free to say so

If you would like you can also negotiate a buying price on her if you are interested in getting her that way