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Character Art Commissions! $15+


Dark Designer
Hello there! I am a digital character artist who primarily does tabletop rpg characters but is expanding into drawing more NSFW/anthro stuff! You can see most of my work here: GlassLotuses (my SFW account with most of my DnD stuff) and here: DarkLotuses (my NSFW/anthro/furry account with only a few things as of yet). If you like what you see here's my Commission Form!

Base Pricing:
Prices are per character, paid via PayPal invoice
Chibis: $30
Busts: $30
Half Body: $40
Full Body: $50

Alternate Coloring Styles:
Cell Shading: 10% off
Flat Color: 25% off
Lineart (no color): 50% off

Detailed Background: $20-$80 depending on detail
NSFW: Adds to the cost depending on what's included

Busts Examples:

Chibis Examples:


Half Body Examples:

Full Body Examples: