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Character Art to Establish Commission Rate Samples


Freelance Artist
Hey guys!

I am a full time freelance artist and I am brand new to Fur Affinity, although I have always like anthro concepts. I plan on setting up my commissions page but in order to do that the way I would like, I need sample work in a chronological time frame. I want to be able to offer potential clients various levels of options, beginning with sketch on up through fully rendered portrait. So, I am offering free art. I have samples of other work I have done, but I want something more concrete for people to view.

Here's the catch: For this piece, I really want to enjoy it, so I am looking for a character I would be interested in illustrating. Perhaps it's yours? Currently, I am only looking to do portraits. Later, I will branch out to doing torso, then later full body, so if I don't pick yours initially, please don't lose heart.

What I am asking of you is to reply with your character's concept and any visual inspiration you might have. Please also include a background you would like to see them set up against.

Please visit my FA account at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jeshields/ to see samples of my style. It is more realistic and rendered and so I hope there is plenty of desire for people to see their character in this style.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!


PS - Even though I don't have set prices, please keep in mind that I am open for commissions as well.


Your art is amazingly beautiful. I saw it on the front page and it's super pretty <3
I would love it if you would be willing to give my Bomber a shot please.

He seems like the kind of character you might get along with.
He's the master of nightmares and memories and a spirit of darkness.
I always get this image of him sort of materializing out of darkness with this huge grin on his face and eyes glowing.
Just something really creepy, you know?
I would love it if you would be willing to draw that please but honestly anything from you would be amazing.

Thank you for the consideration and good luck with commissions.


Oh my goodness, you're art is simply amazing, I bet you're going to get a lot of entries here real soon...

I would like to throw two of my characters into your choosing pool. I think that both of them are unique enough to be mentioned, I hope you don't mind.

Kite (A avian/tiger-shark hyrbid) -
Kite is a bit of a free-spirited independent character living amongst a tribe of other hybrid anthro creatures who primarily live off of the land. She would feel at home in many natural environments, such as underwater hunting for fish, in a forest being adventurous, or even soaring through the skies, possibly hunting from above (although I'm not sure if here wingstyle would be to silly to be drawn with her flying around on her own).

Jigsaw (A mythical species called Crux)
For his character a more darker scene would be appropriate, perhaps in a abandoned warehouse or surrounded by several menacing looking contraptions. His character is based off of the villian from the Saw film series, I'm guessing you've heard of it, if not I apologize! I hope the description in his character sheet would provide enough of a background idea for you, if not, oh well.

Thank you for offering up your time for us/whomever you choose! You're art is incredibly detailed and I appreciate your offering! If it's commissions your looking for then I wish you luck!
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Your art is very beautiful... my character is pretty plain, but who knows, she might appeal to you. :) If you decide to draw her, know that she is a generally happy character who loves the forest. :) I say please and thank you in advance just for the chance to get a nice portrait from you! :D


Paws. :3c

Sarcastic Coffeecup

Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Not bad, sir. Nice art there dude.
And since it is free and in no way lethal, I'll drop in my 'sona for consideration. He's a delusional sergal who thinks he lives in the 1920s
Here's the ref and a short bio http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7289541/
Thanks for giving this chance


New Member
Cool of you to offer free art (even as commission samples); props to you for being a freelance artist: takes a lot of work! Nice style as well :)

I'll put up a link to a bust I have of my character in case it inspires you:
http://d.facdn.net/art/kausza/1364444761.kausza_loll.jpg (ignore the dots under the eyes though--and use whichever color set you prefer)

She's based on banteng, for reference to anything chest-down. As for background, anything natural goes, really--cows are grazing animals so perhaps plains would be best suited if you would like a suggestion; bow and arrow would be cool if you're going for full-body.


Freelance Artist
Just a note to everyone who has replied so far, I plan on letting this go about a week before I choose one. Thanks guys for responding so far!


Freelance Artist
Okay, so I lied. You'll have to forgive me. I decided to end this before the site goes down tomorrow instead of letting it run a full week.

Secondly, I'll ask your forgiveness again. I lied a second time. I know I said I would pick one, but although you submitted your character for me to choose, I am not choosing one.

I am choosing six.

No guarantees on time frame of completing the illustration and no guarantees on the specifics of your illustration but the following are my selections. If I didn't choose you, I am sorry and I hope I get the honor of illustrating your character someday.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, my choices are:

Bomber Kiodo by AnnieKitty
ZeniaRose by Zenia
Jigsaw by Kitesuna
Mari or Franny by Affexion (I liked both, so let me know your preference.)
Laika Lavrenti by Laika
Sledge Revorse by Ainhanda

Feel free to note me with questions, comments, etc.
Thanks for participating!

During the site update, feel free to reach me at my DA account, Jeshields.
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