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000: 'Whaaaaaat', you say. 'What do you mean, character breedings?!'
Well. <:
What I mean is... I will take your OC or sona, and I will 'breed' them with another character of yours to make 1 - 3 'children'! Meaning that, from me, you will get 1 - 3 character designs based on whichever characters you throw at me. They will be coloured and shaded fullbody chibis with outfits, colours and features that will be based their parents' outfits, colours and features.

Theoretically, should you choose to do so, you could also throw something like 'please breed this here snake with this potato' at me and get back 1 - 3 confused, scaley tubers. But then you would have to pay me money for potatosnakes.
I can do ferals, anthros and humanoids, males and females and most things in between. :3 The number of 'offspring' will be being chosen via a random number generator, plus or minus some factors like how many good ideas I have for the 'pairing'.

Below are some examples of some chibis I've drawn recently, so you can get an idea of what exactly I would be spitting out.


Additionally, these were some adoptables from an adopt sheet I did not too long ago, just to show you some of my designs.


I take payment via invoice through Paypal, and will send you said invoice once the sketches of your 'offspring' are finished. The completed versions will be sent to you shortly after.

Parent 1:
Parent 2:
Parent Descriptions: Please give me a brief description of each parent's personality. :3
Design Likes: Please let me know what sorts of things you usually enjoy in character designs, such as frilly dresses or food motifs.
Design Dislikes: Please fill out this area with things you usually dislike in designs, such as very dark colours or runes. Particularly, please tell me if you'd rather all the offspring are human, anthro or feral.

Thank you very much for considering me. ^__^​



I'm bumping with a dragorb today. :3 Dragorbs are a species made by scilk on deviantart, and this particular dragorb was designed by me. ^__^
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Bumping tonight with another adopt I made. :3 Not especially sure what she is, but uh... she sure is something.​



Bumping tonight with a Fakemon I designed. :3 It was to be a steel/psychic type, and I was going to have it be an alternate starter.​


Wonderful. ^__^ I'm also pretty new here, but talking in direct messages sounds good to me. I'll send you a message! Thank you for the interest regardless, however. :3



This is an Alolan Ninetails x Shiny Umbreon fusion I did for my waifu. ^^ To be used as an icon on Pokefarm.​


I forgot to make the thigh markings on the dang pokefusion. ^^; Welp, back to the drawing board.
Am still active and open. :3