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Opening up commissions until around February so I can save up for a trip to the states, and to help me pay for other every day things (around this time it'd be christmas presents, groceries, etc... I'm a university student and I support myself so any form of extra income would be awesome and super appreciated.)

Colored Sketches
Bust - 10$
Waist-up - 15$
Fullbody - 20$
Line art and Full Color/Refined
Bust - 20$
Waist-up - 25$
Fullbody - 30$

+ chara will be 5$ for all options! All commissions will either be transparent or w/ a simple bg, potentially a more complex bg for an added price (if you want a full illustration etc)


Or message me here, on the Fur Affinity website, dm me on twitter, however you'd prefer! Payment method will be paypal, please. I'm pretty open for what to draw, just no overly complex designs like mecha suits, or nsfw for now. Nudity is okay and I'm flexible, so let me know what your idea is and we can work from there. Characters can be predominantly human or furry.



Thanks for looking!