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Character Design (Closed)


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Hey, I have had success here in the past on looking for artists to help me turn a character idea into a real thing, so here's the basic setup here.

Things to know:
I am fully 100% Color blind so I am sorry if it seems that I may not be able to describe all the coloured features on it, but I will try.

Not a very good art guy so I have some pics but most of this will be written.

Be ready for revisions as since it's written I may ask for small or medium changes depending on this.
My budget is 50 USD max with possible wiggle room, I am looking for a Ref Sheet basic nothing fancy on it.

The character is of a snake-bat with many other small features written up, but the base is a snake and a bat as a heads up.

I will pm you if you are chosen and then I will post here to make sure people are not still posting here.

Thank you for reading!


If you are looking for a reference sheet for your character I am happy to help you with your idea. Check out my FA gallery along with my commission prices that is located on the bottom of this post. I also livestream my work on picarto so if you hire me, I have no problem in showing the working progress as I go along with the commission.


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Hi! I would like to make your request! here some example of my art and price. Gallery-http://www.furaffinity.net/user/solaris91/ :

Sketch 5$:

ICON 5$:

character profile 15$:

Big draw 25$:

little draw 15$:

draw with multiple character 40$: www.furaffinity.net: Double shot by Solaris91 (NSFW)
www.furaffinity.net: Today lesson: Care of Magical Creatures 2/4 by Solaris91 (NSFW)

CHIBI 10$:

Comic page 80$:


Hey there! I'm pretty sure I can help you with this project! My boyfriend is actualy 100% color blind too x3
I can work with just a text decription too! I ask 40$ for a basic ref sheet (flat color back and front view)

Here're a couple of examples of what I can do (there is not much anthro yet but if your interested I can show you a couples of examples I'm working on right now:



If you're interested, you can contact me on my tumblr on trough my gmail at catherine.s.houle@gmail.com!


Hey there! I have a lot of experience with character design and reference sheets and I can more than definitely help you out. 50$ in a little under my normal price, but I am willing to go under to give you a hand if you decide you want my services!
Here are a few of my previous reference sheets;
www.furaffinity.net: Bethany ref sheet lines by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: Ref sheet commission: Gracey the Giraffe by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: Avylon- OC Reference sheet wip by StickyCrop
www.furaffinity.net: Reference sheet commission by StickyCrop

We can make your sheet plain or with a design in mind, totally up to you.:)

Feel free to either contact me through the message system here, on my FA or through email ; windkeepergraphics@gmail.com


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Thank you for all the interest here, I have found an artist and will be working with them to get this out but I still am wanting to work with everyone here so I have followed you all on FA or respected accounts!

Thank you all very much for the interest everyone!