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(Commission) Selling: Character Drawings and Before/After Pics! [$5-$10]


New Member
Hello there everyone! I'm slowly trying to get into the commission game to help cut down some of my debts quicker than normal. I want to sell out some full body character drawings for $5 and if you want something inflation involved, I can draw them before and after inflation or transformation for $10 per character!

I do most of anything so it's easier to have a list of what I don't do:
  • Anything scat-related. Farting/gas is fine!
  • Feral just because I'm not good at it yet... one day though!
Okay it wasn't really that long... but that's me! For some of my art most of it is on DeviantART right now but you can message me here, FA, or DA just letting me know if you're interested!

King-Ronald's DeviantArt gallery - For my work!