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(Adopt/Character) Selling: character for sale! $250-$350, comes w/hq plushie, 110+ pieces of art, more! accepting payment plans


edit: took a vid and a few good pics of the plush! sta.sh: plush pics +vid

i'm gonna go ahead and sell my character bone's old design! he had such a good run, but i've redesigned him and i would love if he would go to a great home that would use the design. he's worth a lot!

i'm asking for MINIMUM $250-$350. the money would go to a good cause, helping me buy food for my family and make sure the power can stay on. he comes with lots of art and other stuff!!

here's his toyhou.se link, with almost all of his art (if i find more, i'll be adding it as i go!) Bone ($700-$800) on Toyhouse

he also comes with a very very high quality plushie worth about $400, and i also have two paintings somewhere in my house that i can include! i also have lots of paper sketches i'll just toss in if i find them haha, it's a lot of work. if you buy him, i can calculate shipping for the plushie and whatnot!!

it would be going through paypal only, and i maybe would do payment plans, but you'd have to really be for-sure buying him!

hes really really special, and i created his design myself. i only ask that you change his name from bone to something else. you can ask for a video of the plushie! i can try my best to take one. it's fully-bendable and posable, very soft, and you could give it to like a kid to hold and snuggle too!

you can use him as a fursona, character, give him a story, but cant claim to have designed him! you can change his gender, story, powers, whatever you'd like :)
i am t-owl on dev, yt and birdbite on fa!

for payment plans: i'll do payment plans for him! i'll require an initial payment of $100, and then we can work the rest out between us! :)
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