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this guys for sale, i dont use him anymore haha. i was thinking 50$ for him and the reference image as well... or best offer. (first time posting in here hopefully i got it all right)(also sorry about the skateboard i rushed it, it can really be any deck you like.)
adoptable xander.png

his names Xander hes 21 years old and an Australian shepherd. i have some info and trivia for him as well. these are all changeable once you've purchased him though.
- he skates a lot
- he unironically loves shawn mendes
- hes allergic to bees but he supports them
-he loves big snakes
-he only drinks water in water bottles
-he likes black coffee and eggs for breakfast usually...
-hes horrible at every darksouls game but acts like hes amazing
-hes actually pretty good at fps multiplayer games
-he has a very hard time dealing with his defensiveness
-he doesnt like to deal with emotions and so he distracts himself with varies activities of which are up to you