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(Commission) Selling: ($75+) Character illustrations and Fully rendered bgs!


Hi! I'm Walt(they/them), and I'm just another artist trying to pay the bills. Sorry for the poor formatting, I'm on mobile and without a PC currently
I just posted the info here on FA >
Link to commission info on FA
I'm hoping to 3 to 4 slots of background or character art. Examples can be found on:
My Tumblr page
My Twitter page

My prices for character art starts at $90, and for backgrounds I start at $300! Any other sorts of commissions (NSFW, traditional, fanart) are negotiable in price. I have some experience in drawing hypnosis and bondage kink art.

I'm looking to expand my portfolio with furry art, and I particularly like drawing rabbits (I have 2 as pets!). Fun things I like drawing are: older people (milf/dilf), big shiny pecs, thighs, maid outfits. More serious things I like drawing: horror scenes, plants, queer love.

If I sound like a fit for anything you have in mind, please drop me a line either here or by email! I'm happy to talk!