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I'm selling half-body, fully colored character portraits!
$35 for a single character. +60% per added character (so if I math right, a couple would be about $56)

[Update: I also offer Chibis which are generally fullbody! Here's a link to how they look, and they are $25 (+60% per added character; +$5 per added animal)]

> No backgrounds at this time! Solid colors/gradients are fine, if desired.
> Payments in advance via Paypal only! Absolutely no exceptions, I'm sorry!
> Humans/Furries/Humanoid creatures only. Sorry, I'm still working on animal anatomy and styles.
> I normally set a 2-week deadline for all orders, so that I can guarantee everything to be done on time
> Limited editing! I make sure to ask a lot of questions and will ask for corrections if I don't have a visual reference to go by. However, if I feel that the demands for edits are becoming too much, I will simply finish the image as close to what is requested as I possibly can.
> Please have some form of image reference to go along with your description (if a description is needed). This is usually never a problem but I thought I'd officially mention it anyways! <3


If you want updates or anything else, I post on both Twitter and my Facebook page: Hallowseodraws
Otherwise you may send me a private message on here. That alerts me in an email, so I should reply fairly quickly ;)
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