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(Commission) Selling: ($75+) Character Portraits | painterly style • realistic shading • focus on details and personality | ($15+) Sketches, transformations

Fishy Frog

artist | hermit

commission info artworks.jpg

Fishy Frog's

⚝ Character Portraits ⚝

Hello! Call me Froggo :]

I am a digital artist and my main specialty is character portraits.
I worked a lot with humanoid (often orc-like) characters in the past and now I am gaining experience with furry, anthro, and others.

My main focus in art is exploring the possibilities of visual language and finding my own manner of expressing abstract concepts in the artworks.
I use colors, brushwork, textures, patterns, and meaningful details to convey character's personality and emotion. I try to find specific and individual solutions — that's why I really like to work with people who love their characters very much and put a lot of thought in them! We can figure out the symbolism and the ideas behind the artwork together.

But I can also work on simpler portraits without deep meanings :]

I want keep my prices flexible and provide more creative freedom both for me and my customers. But I understand that it may cause some confusion and uncertainty. Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions :]

Starting price: $75

Simple sholder-up portrait with flat background in a loose painterly style.

Fomyrra sm.jpg
bear color.jpg

Possible extras:

  • Hands/body: +$30-50
    Showing hands and/or expanding the portrait below the shoulder line.
  • Background: +$15-50
    Painting a background of any complexity (including landscapes and interiors).
  • Design elements: +$15-50
    Adding custom textures, patterns, details, etc. to further emphasize character's personality and emotion.
  • Extra character: +50-70%

Extra features are not limited to the list above. I am ready to consider any artwork ideas and calculate a price based on an estimated work time.

More complex artworks generally have more polished and detailed art style. This is just a consequence of a long time spent on the artwork and also a way to give it more depth: the more elements there are, the wider range of difference between them is needed.

Dominic sm.jpg
Skotesh by Fishy Frog - small size.jpg
Kalanael by FishyFrog - small size.jpg
Cyrinagosa by Fishy Frog - smaller size.jpg

Sketch Commissions

Quick artworks in a sketchy style: all kinds of portraits, emotion charts, simple scenes, etc.


Yagu sketches by Fishy Frog - small size.jpg
vilsinai sketch.jpg

Reshu's Transformation by Fishy Frog - SFW smaller size.jpg

For choice: grayscale or tinted in a limited palette.
Smaller sketch commissions (less than $50) do not take slots in the main commission queue.


I am not into TF/TG myself, but I found this type of drawings quite entertaining in artistic sense!
The pricing is the same as above: a total of all stages based on portrait types (can be different types for different stages).

100% pre-payment
payment via Boosty

You can find full information on my website:

> Commission Info <
[status, subscription on updates]

> Terms of Service <
> Work Process <
> Boosty guide for clients <

Contact me:​

All messaging regarding the commissions takes place through email.
But you can also DM me on FA or Twitter if you just want to check slot availability or ask a question.

Thank you for your attention :]
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Fishy Frog

artist | hermit

Salentin by Fishy Frog - small size.jpg


art raffle prize for @questionablecl6 on Twitter

"Salentin is an eccentric, thoughtful, detail-oriented type;
he loves his work, and he doesn't know where he would be without his machines and magic.
He believes that's what he lives for now, and he's happy with that."

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Fishy Frog

artist | hermit
basphim sketch.jpg

⚝ Basphim ⚝

personal artwork that I use as a sketch example :]

Sketch Commissions

Expressive ink-like digital sketches


all kinds of characters:
furry, anthro, humans, orcs, elves,
aliens, dragons, ferals,
you name it.

You may request emotion/pose if you want.

(though I would definitely prefer to work on something
tasteful and artistic rather than simply lewd :] )​

Fishy Frog

artist | hermit
Reshu's Transformation by Fishy Frog - SFW smaller size.jpg

Nothing Gold Can Stay

commission for Cesula