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Character Redesign


Over the past few years I've become unhappy with my fursona. I find him bland and uninteresting. So I'm looking for a way to change him up and make him stand out more (and eventually get another suit down the road) I want to keep a similar colour scheme so I can still be recognized fairly easily. For colours I was thinking of sticking with all negatives: black, grey and white (maybe red as well to match my headfur) My price range is between $25-50. I am allowing total artistic freedom with this commission.

For reference, this is how he looks now: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5124122/
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Hey there! I do streamed design sessions for $20.

Here are some past design sessions, all of these ran for an hour and no longer. (except for the last one, it has its own timestamp)



If you're interested and wish to discuss further, drop me an email! raijirou@gmail.com


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I'd love to help you design a new look for your character.
I would be willing to sketch out your idea, tweak it to your liking and then bring him to life. Depending on what type or art and amount of detail you are looking for the price would start at $30 CAD (flat coloured images)
If you are interested and would like a better idea my price list can be found here

for some examples of my work
Anthro characters: http://www.sammacha.com/gallery/digital/anthro.html#The-Hallway
Traditional Anthro: http://www.sammacha.com/gallery/traditional/mythical/dragons.html#calming Breeze

Example of a design process http://www.sammacha.com/art/sams-sketchbook/sams-clothing-design/

if you are interested feel free to contact me here on FA or by E-mail Samanthalim@sammacha.com


If you are still searching for a artist, I can do a single character pose, simple background for $50. Here is work I did a previous client.


Here's some more samples:

If you have any questions you can send me a PM here or a send me a note on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/newpm/maugryph/.
Thank you very much for your consideration.


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I can do a redesign for you for $30 (base colors) or $40 (simple shading added). A reference sheet would start at $80 and comes with one full body front and back view and one front and side face detail.
My gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kit-ryu/
A similar commission I did not too long ago involved this guy. He had yet to have a humanoid form so I went off of ideas and examples his owner had.


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Hey there :3 I offer character redesign services starting at $35 for a colored & shaded image, price can go up to $50 for a very complex design, but will more than likely stay under $40. Price is for all time & drafts required to come up with a design you are completely satisfied with.

Here is my gallery for more examples :3

Examples of recent designs;



[Please note that I don't take ref sheets on commission, merely an example of a design]