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Vincent the serval
Hello again FA! This time I am trying to sell some characters I have acquired in exchange for cash. :)

Put under a spoiler bc some people don't care, but I am a currently unemployed, uninsured type one diabetic living with my partner's grandmother. I don't have a dime to my name and money is extremely tight-- if I don't raise forty dollars in a week or two then I will run out of insulin and i honestly don't have a back up plan at this point, so I am trying my best to see if my long time hobby can help me out in times of need!

I have 42 designs open for offers! They range from anthro, to feral, to humanoid, to pokemon to normal animals to weird hybrids! Almost all have more than one piece of art, and some quite a lot! All prices are negotiable and I am happy to haggle if it means making a sale!

>> Here they are! <<







Hope you see something you like! :) Thank you for looking!
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