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Character Sheet: Male Warcraft Elf Artwork


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Looking for something in a medium real style, no color NEEDED for now.
Full body if the cost is decent, if not looking for a 3/4 body in armor and nude, front and back if possible.
Going to allow artist to take some liberties with how the armor looks and tattoos 'cuz I dig that kind of thing.
More serious style, masculine featured character.

Current budget is around $20-$120 and I might commission multiple people or several pieces/maybe a bust.

Posting here because i'm not that great at searching the community for artists with their shops open.. ^_^;
So if anyone has a suggestion of whom to go to I'm open ears too.

Some silly/mediocre/crossgender art I have:
21151164_10210132512009663_219968464_n_zpshxyizsyu.png reinew.png QA-mSIM99C86Xgz4qM6kXEXJErNbEuwMVOJXk49_YxwpX92IB.jpg fsgdddfffgohgfdfglolvvgodwhy.png


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Hello! I´m very interested on this reference sheet commission.

Cost of a reference sheet with 2 simple color views is $84 USD (It includes nude and armored versionn. Cost could be lower, depending on armor detail)

I´m already working on something similar (on full color category)
Here is NSFW nude version: sta.sh: VJammer
And WIP of armored version: sta.sh: VJammer

You can check my human gallery here: cyndybell on DeviantArt
And furry gallery here: Userpage of cyndybell -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

If you are interested, feel free to ask n__n
I can do a super detailed ref sheet like this for $60

A slightly less detailed ref like this for £45


Or a basic sheet like this for $35



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Hi there! Would love to draw for you! I have a few examples of humanoid characters, and I have worked with elf-like creatures in the past. Some examples:
www.furaffinity.net: Shandalar Yllakas (Commission) by valery91thunder www.furaffinity.net: Lyndis Kuxion (Commission) by valery91thunder
Since you're looking for non-coloured artwork, I can offer a cleaned-up sketch starting at 10$ for one character/fullbody (+5$ each extra fullbody added). A cleaned sketch example: www.furaffinity.net: Werewolf SveltColt (Commission) by valery91thunder
I take payments via Paypal and provide WIPs for approval. If interested, you can either contact me via forum PM, FA note or email at alkalinesparks [AT] hotmail [DOT] it!


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Have purchased a few already. Taking into consideration a few others. If you haven't received a message from me I'm not interested but very grateful for your replies.


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These are the cuteness and I love them with all my everything.
Also, just because I might not be interested /now/ doesn't mean I might not be into your things for my females characters or others.

In the midst of tryna order a 3rd already. Nomnom.


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Woof. Yeah thread on pause for a week or so.
Found one that's incredible but pricey so it'll be like two weeks in one.

Will be ordering more in September. ^_^