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(Adopt/Character) Selling: ~Character with 401 art pieces auction~~~$300+


A gay



So i've decided to sell one of my oldest characters i've owned
had them since 2012, they come with LOADS of art, and when i say loads i mean

-197 PERSONAL art i've made
-19 animations
-33 Commissioned pieces
-152 poses (customs, premades, commissions)

All of that you can check here

Since this is my first character i've ever created back in 2012, i don't want them to go to someone who wont use them,
as you can see the last art of Grim was sadly back in 2017 which was 3 years ago,
so i hope the new owner will use them well.

Auction starts at 300$
MI is $20
AB- / (will add eventually when i see where is this auction going)