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a mage who likes tea
so as fate would have it, my tablet quit on me and I need to replace it- so I'm selling some character designs and some OCs that I’ve made/neglected for a while.

I'm looking at three different ones right now, I'd like to at least get the 24.00 one So I can use commissions to save up for one of the nicer ones.

Also, while they are posted elsewhere with a solid price, I’ll let them go for a price of your choosing. It’s a first come first serve I guess?

Anyways here we go

Originally $20 USD

www.furaffinity.net: Pastel Ink Creature Adopt 2 by magetea
www.furaffinity.net: Pastel Ink Creature Adopt by magetea

Currently $10 USD

www.furaffinity.net: Margo (up for sale) by magetea