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Art Trade: Characters for Trade!


I have a bunch of characters I really need to get rid of Pedle on Toyhouse

I'm looking for Character Trades and or possibly art! They do have USD value's but feel free to ignore those I'm not looking for USD(hence why I'm posting this here!) I want more furry designs(anthro etc.) to practice and if you offer art please post some examples!

Ghost Raven

Active Member
Hi, I have some characters to trade here, if any interest you, let me know!--->
TrixZoro on Toyhouse

I can also offer some art, but I won't be able to start until Monday as I am waiting on a new pen to arrive and have some owed art to finish. So for right now, for at least 1 character, I can offer a fullbody (simple shaded) and 2 derp icons (shading and background). I can always add on.
Examples- www.deviantart.com: So Done With Everything
www.deviantart.com: S.A.: Evelyn

I am interested in these babs, whichever you are okay parting with if any of the above offers interest you!
Kurt on Toyhouse
Stan on Toyhouse