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(Commission) Selling: ($25+) Charity Fullbody Sketches


always hungry

$25 full body sketch​

comment here or on FA to claim a slot. | accepting claims until Oct 22, 2021

You can choose to have your characters in funny scenes like the samples
Your commission can be a completely unrelated topic or theme
Any species. Any gender. Any body type; I draw from scratch

What if I just want a bust or a half body?
$20 for bust or half body

Proceeds will be donated to Typhoon Kompasu (Maring) Relief Efforts in the Philippines.
For Our Farmers PH | Transparency Report
Tulong Kabataan Network
Cagayan Youth Movement

More info on the situation in my journal.
Delivery will be between October to December 2021, depending on how many people took a slot.

Thank you in advance!