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CHEAP -1 Hour turn-around- FAST


Who wants pancakes? : D
I'm in the mood to do some speedy commissions.
I'll be doing them for $20, with a turnaround time of one short hour. I'll even have my screen recording so you can watch me while I make it; This means you'll be able to give live feedback and see immediate results. How cool is that?? And if after one hour you're still not satisfied, I will work on it until it reaches the standard set by my examples, OR you will be fully refunded!
Or you can ask for a 30 min one for only $10! You'll be surprised what I can get done in 30 short mins.

Payment can be made via paypal or direct bank transfer for Australian residents.
The payment must be sent within 15 mins once the live-stream has started (unless otherwise organized) or continuation of the commission will be postponed until payment is received.
If the artwork isn't 'up to standard' within the hour, I will continue to work on it free of charge until it meets the standard.
Due to the fast turn-over time, slots are limited.
I will be starting these at approximately 9pm, Adelaide time. If you are first on the list you should expect your to be complete at aprox 10pm and so on until I go to bed.

What to expect in one hour:

I couldn't work out how to hyperlink (fail), but you can see the fullviews here: http://ninykinin.deviantart.com/gallery/37912844

30 min figure-drawings: