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Hi there! I'm a starving student looking to make some extra money! I'll write literally anything for you as long as it's legal (no underage characters or real life individuals, nothing advocating real world violence).

I can write a wide variety of genres including horror, erotica, and horror-erotica. Examples of my erotica can be found in my journal post here: www.furaffinity.net: Commissions! -- fussygills' Journal

Pricing is $8 for an 800-1,000 word story written to your specifications. Half before I send you the rough draft, and half after I send you the completed story with any requested edits.

Shoot me a message with your request including what elements you'd like focus on. Upon receipt of the first half of the payment via CashApp I'll begin working on the rough draft which I'll send to you for any last minute edit requests you might have. After that I'll make the edits and upon receipt of the second half will send the final story. Additional rounds of edits will cost an additional $4 each.

Have a great day! I hope you'll let me write for you!
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