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cheap as free art =D

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even though it hasn;t been that long since i gave out free art i am in a good mood and am doing it again =D soo ask away(won;t actualy be doing any of it till tommorow for i need sleep but feel free to post your requests now

ps: i don;t draw yaoi and i don;t draw porn(the yaoi cause i dun like it and the porn cause i tried that once and failed ._. )


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woo a reply already, ahh never drew an avatar before( i hope i can get the sizing right i was never good with that.) i'll get right on it...tommorow..when i have slept(i went to sleep at 9 this morning why i'm up now i don't know =D


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Seeming as I got one last time, is it ok if I get one for my partner please?

I'm going to go for their character connie.


I think she'd look good in your style, you draw humans really well :3

Bottom half is kangaroo, top half human. She's usually very sad. She's their musical alias.
As far as I know she's black and white. I don't really know though xD

Thanks if you choose to do it :3
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As again, can't pass an occasion for free art! :D

If you wnat to pick one of mine, the choice is yours: I have my three favourite down in my signature and a lot more characters in my gallery.
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