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Cheap CG-style characters!


I'm saving up money for University this September, so any sales I make will be greatly greatly appreciated! :D

  • Mature/adult works.
  • Mild Fetishes (inflation/mild vore/etc)
  • Same-sex pairings
  • A watermarked sketch before payment, if requested.
  • ... I can't think of anything else right now, but just ask and I will say :D
I WON'T do
  • Cub Porn/Mature works featuring children/etc
  • Extreme vore
  • I'm sure there's other stuff, just ask :D

Characters without backgrounds
I'm going to be doing characters like the following one's for £15GBP each (for something like the Lion King pic which has a small side character, the price will be the same, but for an extra main/large character, it will be £6GBP extra). Request if you'd like the character to have the furred texture like the image below or not (no extra cost). Even though all my examples are fan art, I can draw other things :p Check the rest of my gallery for my whole art range: http://gashu-monsata.deviantart.com/gallery/




Characters with backgrounds

The base price for this is £25GBP+££6GBP for extra characters.


Payment Options

Right now, I can only accept Paypal. I charge in GBP because the conversion rate is pretty shoddy right now. I work out my prices by the amount of time I spend on them and making sure I don't earn less than the UK minimum wage... however I still keep the prices fair for the buyer by not adding on stupid amounts on top of that (considering a full painting with a background could go up to more than £60GBP).

Contacting Me

Just message me here, or PM me if you would prefer a private request. If requested I can also not upload the image anywhere on the internet.

Hope to hear from you! :D