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Cheap colored commissions Madness!



Helllllo World!

You heard it straight from the gator's mouth! I'm ready to pimp my stuff out to anyone who wants it!

That's right! I'm whoring my artwork out for the low low price of 2 bucks a drawing!

Yer artwork will be:

  • Full body sized. No 'Just head shots'.
  • No 'Itty Bitty' size! If you want a big drawing, You get a big drawing!
  • Complete colored artwork! No line work here! NO CHARGE!
  • I'll even draw PENISES GALORE!
Jesie does not guarantee seriousness in her artwork. If you do ask for PENISES GALORE, Jesie does not stand liable for return of cash, because most likely it will have already have been spent. Jesie is not responsible for lawsuits from viewing said artwork. Jesie may cause upset liver, verbal diarrhea, and genital warts. If problems persist, please stop taking Jesie as this may be a sign you CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

5 if you want a background. Because I hate them and thus will hate you for making me draw one.

Link to some of my work:

Background cost more depending on their level of detail. It's added on to the price on the drawing.
City block or high level detailed forest, high price.
Sky or low level detailed forest, small price.
No background or transparent background, no price.

I can also print designs onto shirts.
*$15.00 US for shirt, no including price of original commission*
***Sorry, no pornographic designs on shirts***

I draw in computer format, so no drawing requests on paper.

You can get a hold of me at Valiantvermin@gmail.com.

or you can simple send me a PM here at from FA. Easy as PAH!

*eats random furry*

Money made so far: 5 bucks.
Goal: 35 bucks.

*First commission finished!*
Dolphin Ham Radio Operator


And for the love of god someone bump this thread!
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Spooky Possums
Heya, quite interested - and happy to pay more than $2 freakin' bucks... that's ridiculous! Dropping you an email :)