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Cheap Commission 6$


hello~ I open low prices commissions, I know how to draw anthro, animals and humans, to take a commission, leave a comment or pm with what you want as the pose.

For the paiement, you can pays after the sketch, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me

Sketch : 1$
Line : 2$
Color : 3$

Sketch : 2$
Line : 3$
Color : 4$

Sketch : 4$
Line : 5$
Color : 6$

Art exemple, please don’t steal my drawings, it's my oc, look my account for more exemple with anthro

Sans titre 1098 (1).jpg

Sans titre 981 (10).jpg

Sans titre 879 (4).jpg
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Hello! You have some great work and I think you’re seriously undervaluing your stuff. I know it’s not my place to give opinions but I don’t think your prices correlate the time and effort you’ve put into your pieces.
hello thank you for your reply! before being on furaffinity I didn’t charge my drawings, I try more or less to make myself known and I will increase my price gradually ^^