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Cheap Commissions (5$ - 20$) - Open !


Hey all ! I am new to the community and would like to put my art out there. I have a deviantART here where all my examples can be found >> unfortunatefoxtamer's DeviantArt gallery

Terms of Service: http://sta.sh/0yyur533xhd

My prices are as such:

• pixel art:
> lined+colored pixel headshot: 5.00 $
> pixel fullbody: 8.00$





• lined headshot/bust flatcolor: 5.00$
• lined headshot/bust shaded: 6.00$
• lineless headshot/bust shaded: 7.00$



• fullbody lineart (no color): 6.50$
• lined fullbody flatcolor: 7.50$
• lined fullbody shaded: 8.50$
• lineless fullbody shaded: 10.00$




• couple bust: 10.00$
> add shading: 1.00 per character


• full couple art: 14.00$
>add shading: 1.00$ per character




• group art: 7.50$ per character
>add shading: 1.00$ per character


• add background;
> one colour: free
> basic(a pattern or design): + 2.00$
> section of detailed background: + 3.50$
> simple: + 4.00$
> detailed: + 6.00$



• reference sheet: usually around 17.00$ and up (Can be sfw or nsfw) - colour palette, gender sign, full name, and one-colour background automatically included.
> each flatcolored fullbody view (right/left/back/front): 8.50$ each
> small headshot showing emotion: + 3.00$
> close up of accessories/piercings/clothing separately illustrated: + 3.00$ each
> seperate eye/paw pad/pelt/wings/etc reference on sheet: + 3.00$ each
> specified background: + 2.50$
> if you want something specific that's not listed here, ask me and we can work out a price !





I WILL draw:
- just about any mammal (horses are difficult but do-able)
- dragons/reptiles
- birds
- all of the above in anthro form
- humans (I need practice)
- Pokémon
- light armour
- some magic (wispy/flamelike substance)
- light NSFW
-light gore
- couple art

I WONT draw
- machinery
- complex landscapes/imagery in a background (yet, I need practice)
- heavy NSFW (I draw the line at intercourse, fetishes, BDSM, etc)
- heavy gore

* I will update this list if I think of more ! If youre unsure, just ask me about the thing you'd like me to draw. Thank you ! *


To order you can fill out the form here and post it right on this thread, message me on these forums, or message me on my fA account ( Userpage of bellugia -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ) or my dA account. after you've messaged me I will get straight to work and then supply you with my PayPal info ! c:

character name:
character reference:
character personality (optional):
type of art wanted:
total payment:

thank you for the consideration and have a good day !
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terms of service ?
the price may be paid through PayPal before or after the work is completed. Another alternative is to pay me half before the work is completed and half afterwards, if the client so wishes. If the work is done and all the payment is not yet received, there will be a watermark on the work until the payment comes through, then it will be removed. Then, the recipiant may use the artwork anywhere for any purpose as long as I receive due credit c: