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Hello hello, welcome to my small shop, Unusual and Bizarre! I may be new to FA but I have been doing art for a long long time. I specialize in cartoons, especially creatures, anthros, and animals! I also do bizarre and abstract art if you're interested in that too, as well as a sort of semi-realistic style.

Now to get this out of the way...
I'm only accepting PayPal at the moment, so these base prices(all in USD) do not include additional fees. Those will be added once your total has been calculated and due once I have given it to you. Each additional character is $2 off so enjoy that discount! Complexity adds to your total, so the more difficult, the more it will cost. That being said, tell me all the details that you want once you have sent me a ref/written description.

What I do draw:
  • NSFW(see below for limitations)
  • Creatures, anthros, and animals
  • Humans
  • Gore
  • Reference sheets(including internal anatomy references)
What I don't draw:
  • Bondage, fetish material
  • Vehicles
  • Cogs/gears
Bust/Head: Start at $5
Fullbody: Start at $15
Abstract: Start at $15