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Cheap Commissions open! ( 6-30+ dollar)


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I want to help talented artist so i'm doing commissions now. I have little over year experience and can do pretty much anything which is sfw (gore is okay for me)

Here is few of my latest art works:
[Raffle Prize] Celestial-RueOwO by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt
Tomoe [First encounter] by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt
First Encounter: Wreath by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt
[Raffle Prize] PrinceOscar by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt
[G] Innocent by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt
[OC] Hi dear,wanna join my mad bunny army? by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt

Commission types and prices:

Headshot: (up to the shoulders) 10 dollar/9 euro

Bustshot: (up to the chest) 11 dollar/10 euro

Halfbody: 13 dollar/12 euro

Thight up: 14 dollar/13 euro

Fullbody: 15 dollar/14 euro

Otome game cg (includes halfbody character with detailed background 19 dollar/18 euro (if u want extra character it will be +50%)

Chibi bustshot: 6 dollar/5 euro

Chibi fullbody: 12 dollar/6 euro

Simple or transparent background: Free

Complicated background: 6 dollar/5 euro

Extra character: +50%

Flat color reference sheet: 30 dollars, example below. You can change that the way u want.

More commission types here: Commissions open [PayPal only atm] by HodgeValanze on DeviantArt

My terms of service:

-By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

-I have the right to decline a commission for any reason.

-I accept this time only paypal

-You may ask progress, but don't rush me. Tell me if you want progress shot or commission status news.

-Pay when i accept your commission order. I don't start before that.

-I don't do refunds because my cheap prices, so be sure.

-You will receive the full version via note when drawing is ready. -You can use your commission anyway you want, but remember credit me.

-You can suggest two little edit.

-I have full rights to post commission(or/and work in progress pics) on other social media sites.

-Important to remember: My style is developing and changing so your commission might look a little different than previous one.

-Please, use commission template when ordering commission. -I will always do my best when doing commission.

-If you'r rude to me or other commissioners/watchers/my friends, i will not do/finish your commission and will block you. No refund.

-Don't edit,steal,trace,repost,use etc my art. Only commissioner can use and repost their commission.

-Remember credit me.

-Last but not at least: I hope you have a nice day! OuO

What i can draw:
*Fictional characters
*Gore (character has to be adult)
*Slight nsfw (like pantyshot but character has to be adult)
*Anthro,animal,monsters etc

What i won't draw:
*Hate art
*Nsfw (gore is okay,but character has to be adult)
*Fetish art
*Anything what makes me uncomfortable

Commission template:

Commission type: (Fullbody, Bustshot etc)

Reference pics:


Facial expression:


Payment: PayPal, note/comment your paypal email

Anything i should know: (character details,if you want progress pics write it here, etc)

I hope somebody is interested OuO If there is any questions, feel free to comment.