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Cheap Commissions! Starting at $3


Icons : You get a 500 by 500 as well as a 100 by 100 icon, and the sketch if you request it.
$3 - Unshaded headshot icon
$5 - Shaded uncomplex character headshot icon
$6 - Unshaded complex character headshot
$10 - Shaded complex character headshot icon (like with many accessories, colors to blend, etc)

Character sheets: A flat colored image of your character(s) Again you can get the sketch if you request!
$15 per full body
$3/$5 per headshot depending on complexity

Full colored: Things that would consist of a full on shading and full backgrounds (abstract or detailed)
You'd have to discuss it with me. Depending on difficulty would make the price, but unless its just crazy, shouldn't be more than $30



Flat color Example:

More examples and various coloring styles in my gallery - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/theunknownsoul/