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Cheap Commissions/YCH's


Hello Everyone!
I am here to start selling some commissions for cheap and YCH's!
You can find my profile on FA here; Userpage of tamaj -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

I am available for SFW/NSFW Comissions!
I draw Furries and Humans
My prices are as follows;
Sketches- 10$
Flat Colors-30$
Colors with shading and highlights-40$
Want a complicated background? Please ask, and we will negotiate a price.
Extra characters? Add 50% to the final price
Over Complicated Designs? (Wings, Tenctacles, ect)- Please ask and we will negotiate an added fee
Usually YCH's are a flat price, but may consider auctions if the interest is there.

I take Paypal only and payment first.
Please comment here if interested, or note me at my profile!
Thank you!
Here are some examples;