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Cheap German shepherd half suit! SOLD


Fursuit Maker(?)
Taking offers on a german shepherd half suit I made in May 2017. It is an older suit of mine, but it's still great quality! I really would like to sell it as quick as possible, so any offers will be considered. Has been worn for a small con but has been fully cleaned and stored. Any offers above $450 are appreciated! Must pay in full, shipping not included. If not shown interest here, I'll make an auction on ebay.

Comes with:
  • Head, made with a gorgeous two toned sable fur. Completely lined inside, following eyes, removable tongue, and sewn in minky teeth.
  • Paws, has claws and permanent padding on the inside.
  • Tail, About 28" long, bouncy!
  • Digitigrade legs with 2 types of padding (foam thigh/calf padding, cotton thigh padding) and belt buckle loops.
  • Armsleeves (Fits slim-medium arms)
  • Feet (fits size 8 W- size 10 W. Size 6 M to 8 M)
  • Badge and bandana (name on both of these items is Guinness)
Minor issues: Since this is an older suit and I have greatly improved on building suits, this one has a few problems. There are a few close shaving spots on the ears and cheek. The head is a bit heavy from the density of the fur and the ears but the ventilation/visibility is good.

The pictures I have don't represent how he looks now, as I have refurbished some part is him, like the muzzle for example.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Pictures below. I would have more but he's in storage. ^^

Updated new nose and maw! Pickable and smooth~



Welcome to the turf.
Looks pretty good actually. Need a suit for my german shepherd 'sona at some point... XD