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Cheap Headshots


Hyperactive Bunnyfox
I'm currently trying to save money for a partial Fursuit and Dont have a job At the moment. So i figured i'd try to get a few commissions to help.
I Specialize in Full body ferals. And Shoulder-up Anthro work.



I Don't expect people to really want anything from me to be honest. But its worth a shot. So this will be a.. you tell me what you want to pay, and i'll draw you something, sort of deal.
I would appreciate anything i can get right now.. So, Thanks for looking. ^_^

Edit: Sorry for the title not having anything to do with the thread... I originally just wanted to do headshots.. but i want money... And i would have included prices but i asked a bunch of people what i should charge and they all said i suck too much to charge. So... pay me what you want.. and i'll draw ya somethin :/
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