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Cheap, Quality Commissions


Bundle of fluff
Hey there!

Budding artist here, wanting to show off the skills he's learned doing this Games Art course. I've got some good quality, cheap commissions available at any time. I've been struggling a lot this past year or so getting commissions and could really use a boost in business, be it that you commission me or spread the word, either would be really appreciated :D

Here's my prices (USD):

$5 line art. Example
$10 colour. Example
$15 Coloured and shaded. Example
$25 Detailed. Example
+$2 per extra character.

You can also see my full gallery at www.furaffinity.net/user/kite512

I do ask for SFW work only.

Time taken for each one can vary as my University course needs to take priority, of which can take up an entire day's worth of work (as I write this now in fact, I've now spent about 12 hours today working, my eyes hurt! D: ). But I normally get them done as quickly as I can. :)

Soooo yeah. Drop me a note on FA, or post here or however else you feel like contacting me and I'll be happy to work something out :D