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Cheap Quality Commissions


New Member
Hey guys, I’m really sorry for doing this. ;(

So basically, I’m begging you guys to commission me. I have no money atm and bills are piling up. Sadly there’s no way for me to pay them rn. People around me keep telling me to get a job which typically just pays $200 monthly or even less. You know, jobs that I definitely think I won’t enjoy at all. Although I know taking the job is what most people would think of doing, there’s just something inside telling that it will not work for me specifically. I don’t think I could truly be happy with just slaving myself away in a job that I don’t find amusing in any way and which has no sense of accomplishment whatsoever.

Right now, there’s almost nothing that I’m sure of. I don’t know how long can I keep doing this or if I’ll ever get a decent income from doing art. But there is one thing I’m certain of, and it is that I want to do this for the rest of my entire life. Drawing and Painting is what gives me happiness and pleasure. The feeling of creating something almost from scratch and turning it into something people love looking at is what motivates me and gives me life. And there’s NO WAY I’ll ever give up on that dream. I don’t care if people around me do otherwise. All I need to do is to keep holding on and hope all my hard work pays off in the end.

But now I’m asking for your help. Please, please, please order a commission from me to help me keep doing this. Just dm or email me on amcelelgort@gmail.com.

Or be a doll and pledge on my Patreon page where you can get access to my exclusive works.

You could also donate any amount on Paypal. Any amount would really help tbh.

If there’s no way you could give me money. Please, please, please just share my works and let your friends and others know that I take commissions and donations.

I’m really sorry guys. I felt like all my dignity just went down the drain.

But all in all, Thank you, thank you, Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read all this BS. It really meant a lot to me. I love you all! ♥♥♥