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Checkbox for "Don't post to watchers"


One suggestion for the site, a checkbox that you can check as you submit a piece to keep it from appearing in watchers submission files. say for example someone comes back from vacation with a TON of photos they took (like I recently did!) that they would like to share with the site, even if they are posted in scraps they still end up flooding people with submission listings. If people could check off that they don't want watchers notified on the upload, then people could put things up and for example send ONE piece up to watchers with something in the description that says "check my gallery/scraps for a lot of new submissions!" or whatever, thus saving people from a flood.

Silver R. Wolfe

Wuffamute Extraordinaire!
Or if they upload an entire comic, they could just have the cover or first page show up for their watchers in the watch box, and leave a note in the description that there are more pages. :3

I think it's a good idea.


Good idea, cheers!