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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) Chibis & "Little Doots" Commission Slots - OPEN


Vincent the serval
Alright, I need some quick cash for several bills in the next week, so I am finally opening some new commission types!

First off are chibis! This is especially exciting for me as I have never drawn anything in this sort of style before, and I am super happy to share these with you guys!
For the time being they will be 15$ a pop, with all types of characters welcome! Extras such as props or pets/simple shaped characters (such as the first example) will be 3$ extra, but is case by case! There will be two open slots for now, but will open more depending on demand!




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Next are Little Doots! I will open five slots for these, unlimited number of ones each person can order. I will do both OCs and full Pokemon teams!
Little Doots are $2.50 each for a full body with colour, and $1.50 for a full body without colour. Groups of 5 will be 10$ and pokemon teams will be 12$!
Designs will be simplified, so if there's any specific details you want included, be sure to tell me! Example under the spoiler. :)


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Feel free to comment or DM me!