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Childhood stories you can't live down


Maybe this'll be less painful than the scar thread.  (But maybe not by much . . . ;) )

You know all those stories of stupid things you did when you were little?  The ones that you know you'll NEVER live down because your mother trots them out at every family gathering, or better, in front of your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse?  Everyone has them.  We all want to hear them!  Share the pain.

I'll start if you like.
Once when I was about four one of my aunts came to visit I overheard another adult compliment her on her outfit.  "Thanks," she replied, "I got it on sale!" (Apparently she used to say this a lot.)  I didn't know what the phrase meant so I asked her if getting something on sale was a good thing.  She said it was.
So later, when some grownup said to me, "Oh what a pretty dress you're wearing today!" I replied earnestly, and in the squeaky preschooler treble that has been faithfully parodied by numerous relatives since, "Thank you! I got it on sale!"


Oh man....

- Somewhere, hidden away, my sister has a picture of me at about age 9, dressed in drag (I swear I thought it would be 'cool' to hang out with my older sister and her friends for a night). Yep, stuffed bra and everything.

- When I was also about 9 or 10, my sister and her friend Sarah forced my friend Colin and I to have a "wedding" in the car with my best friend Colin. We actually kissed. On the lips. In front of (well, behind really) my parents.

- And I also collected rings, including womens' rings, until I was about 6.

...wow, I didn't realize it fully until now, but I was a really GAY little kid.


No time like the present.
When I was little I collected shaped erasers.

When I was four I created a model of the Solar System out of play-doh and water color paint.

When I was 7-ish I walked a mile from my house to the grocery store to find my mom.


Stories I can not live down:

From age 3 to 5, I barked at cute guys my mother was flirting with. (my father had taught me that strangers were bad so I would bark and snarl like a dog.)
Age 6, I was caught making out with a girl and we both got grounded. (She was my age and taught me to kiss)
Age 8, got caught jilling off with another girl by her mom, we both got spanked. (I just knew it felt good and what harm came from feeling good?)
Age 8, ridiculed for thinking I was a boy with out a penis until my first menstruation. (my father told me I was a boy)
Age 10 to 15, got in trouble for stealing my step father's porn mags. (usually girl on girl)
Age 12, got mocked for being boy crazy over my first "real" boyfriend. (we were always kissing and making out)
Age 13, teased about having the world's shortest blind date. (Friend set me up with a guy who hated me)
Age 14, played chicken with a propane tank.(We were jumping the fence with our bikes, I done the stunt several times before and never messed up. Ended up cracking facial bones and knocking out a front tooth)
Age 18, mocked for being too exhausted to think rationally on how to open a gate. (To unlock a gate, you climb over, unlock, climb over, pull it open, close it, and climb back over to the wrong side.)
I know this isn't a childhood story but I think it counts. Age 20, I meet my 16 year old boyfriend for the first time face to face and meet his parents while dressed like a hoochie mama... thankfully they didn't judge me by the clothes.


sunshyne said:
Oh man....

- Somewhere, hidden away, my sister has a picture of me at about age 9, dressed in drag (I swear I thought it would be 'cool' to hang out with my older sister and her friends for a night). Yep, stuffed bra and everything.

In 5th-6th grade, me and my buddy dressed up as women (slutty ones at that) for our school's costume parade. All the parents that showed up naturally were moms and man I've never got so many compilments from so many women at one time in my life! They kept grabbing my balloons and touching my wig I was like daaaaaamn.

As to things people never let me forget. It would have to be the fact I sucked my thumb until I was about 6. I always told people that my thumb tasted differently and that's why I sucked on it. Though thankfully, everyone that knows about it grew up, and only tease me about it occasionally, usually when we're all drunk, so it's not so bad ;)


There's a photo around somewhere of me wearing one of my sister's skirts. It's an old photo though, honestly.

Lobo Roo

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My parents have a picture somewhere of me naked, covered in lipstick, and well...all the cabinets and the floor were covered in lipstick too.

I should consider blaming this photo for me becoming a makeup hating dyke. xD


The one story my mom will NEVER, EVER let me live down:

When I was about two, I went to my parent's bathroom and I forgot to check to see if the seat was down. >.<; I fell in and had to be pulled out by my mom... >.<; Yeah...


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When I was young--probably 3 or younger--I lived right on a main street, right across the road from a mortuary. I used to like to sit on the front porch and wave excitedly at the funeral processions as they went by, because despite my embarassed mother trying to tell me otherwise, I was convinced they were parades. When asked why, I would just say matter-of-factly, "Because they always wave back!"


When I was young, my mum made me and my older sister dress up as bride and groom for halloween. Guess who was the bride. Oh, I can live it down, but it's only years later that I can really laugh at how fucked up that was. Man, that was sooo twisted.


Heehehehee these are all great, guys.

Once when I was three my family got a new VCR and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. It had been, but now they couldn't get a tape in it. When they looked in, they found a toy cow inside that I had apparently jammed in there . . .

And once when I was younger than that I am said to have thoroughly mortified my mother and horrified my (Catholic) great-grandmother by pointing to the cross atop a church steeple and exclaiming "Letter T!"


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i think i might have said this somewhere...
i don't remember any.. i blacked out all memories before the age of 12 due to a stress of moving away from everything i knew =(


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lol, heres one;

when i was like, 2 or so. i decided to try get inside my birthday cake. i stared at the cake for a while, then i put one of my arms in, then the other, lol, heres where it gets good, i stood up and put both of my feet in the cake. lol, we have a picture of me sitting in the cake up to my waist ~(wipes tears from laughing)~ good times


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Somewhere my mom has a picture of me (age 4) and my sister (age 1) in the bathrub, wearing nothing but suds . . . and I'm wearing a plastic fireman's helmet.

Also, my granddad has a tape recording of me, age 3, reciting the Night Before Christmas in my chipmunkesque voice, which I guess is pretty impressive for a kid that age, but he insists on hauling it out for the family to listen to every xmas. I pray for a solar flare to erase that damn tape.


I was about 7 and my mum was driving with me in the back. A car sped past at dangerous speeds weaving across the lanes and my mum said "Bloody french drivers" and from the back all you could hear from me was "How do you know they are French?"

There are also numerous pictures and videos of me in the bath and other various places making mischeif or covered in mud etc etc
There's a rather funny picture of my big sis, me and my little brother all standing facing the fireplace on Christmas Eve naked and it's a picture of us all from behind. I laughed a lot when I found it.

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Let's see...well, once, when I was 5 or 6 years old, I was at my summer swimming lessons at the high school pool, and all the other students including me were asked to grab the edge of the pool deck and dunk our heads into the water repeatedly as a swimming exercise. For some reason, I didn't want to be at the swimming lessons that day, so during that exercise, I got out of the pool and ran home. One of the supervisors who was in charge of the swimming lessons that day went after me, but I quickly ran back to my house, which was just down the road from the high school. I think I got in trouble for that, but I soon learned not to do that anymore. :p

There was another time when I was about 6 years old that I don't remember doing at all. :p My aunt once told this story of me running around the house calling out, "Mother? Mother, where are you?" as if I were imitating Bambi after he noticed that his mother wasn't with him any longer, but my mother was actually at home, and she kept telling me "I'm right here," but I continued doing the imitation, anyway. :lol:


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Oh christ.... this totally is uncomfortable thread for me... since now days as my mom has a brain damage, every time we see she tells some of those silly stories either of us siblings did as kids. Which is one reason I try avoid here now days u_u;;...

Umh... when i was little I wet my bed... right, common problem with children, but since as kid I've had very strange imagination and I told this problem was due a 'hole in my heart'.

Or the stuff about my lisp I had. I had to take these kind of extra-lessons to learn pronounce S- correctly. One time after some Christmas holidays I was caught for not doing my practice/homework with this and when the teacher asked me why, I said it was because it's a some kind of dialect that was used in my old hometown (from which we have moved couple years earlier).

This stuff ain't that bad, but somehow I wouldn't care to hear these same unfunny little stories told over and over XD


lol, relive the stories ^^ I don't really have any childhood stories i can't live down. i already lived down all off them, however i did gave somebody a childhood story which he probably won't live down :p ow yea.. i made somebody eat cat shit on a birthday party
Running outside naked when I was 3 going all the way down to the end of neighborhood and ending up being taken back to my house, a man holding me by my neck saying to my mother, "This yours?"

Rolling eggs on the carpet.

Flushing the toilet multiple times, (all the while naked) making the first floor and the basement flood about 3 inches of water and then picking up a suitcase and going, "IM FREE IM FREE!" for some goddamn stupid reason.

Screaming at my grandmother when she was wearing a green facial mud mask because I didn't recognize her.

Cutting my hair at preschool

Shoving a bunch of foam stuff up my nose just to see what would happen, then at the doctor's office I told them, "Luke Skywalker gave me a fuzzy and I stucked it up my nose!"


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When I was caught masturbating my first time at age eight. My mom told me that good little girls didn't do that and I was quite confused!


I was caught swimming nude about 8 years ago with my very influential cousins, luckily I was young! I got in so much trouble and it was their idea! I just played along and got caught! From my understanding they were into strange things which caused severe psychological damage to them.


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well, I don't have any story like that, but I do remember my first bi-threeway at 18 lol

Long story short, We where our suits, and it was amazing. I mean at first, I was like confused and weirded out, but it wasn't so bad in the end. Probably the reason I am bi today. But dude, wow. Words I can't describe it with.