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Chili peppers and spicy food.


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Since there's a bunch of other threads about favorite vegetables, fruits, etc. I thought it would be nice to make a thread especially about spicy food and their primary purveyor, chili peppers.

I love spicy food, but I don't eat for spice alone. I don't really go for all of those spicy eating challenges because more often than not, the food involved is more heat than flavor. That's not to say that searingly spicy food can't be tasty (Africa and India have proven that to be the case). Vindaloo curry is both incredibly tasty and incredibly spicy at the same time, whereas the spicier Phall curry is mostly just pain in food form.


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I am okay with mild to medium spiciness. I remember going to a Sri Lankan restaurant earlier this year and discovering some of my friends really couldn't tolerate any spice at all. There was an Icelandic woman who practically died.


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I am okay with mild to medium spiciness. I remember going to a Sri Lankan restaurant earlier this year and discovering some of my friends really couldn't tolerate any spice at all. There was an Icelandic woman who practically died.
One of the things I learned a long time ago is that, if you really want to explore the world's variety of cuisine, you by very necessity have to build up a spice tolerance as spicy is the base line which some cuisines are built upon.


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I love spicy food. Just about everything is better to me with a little spice. Mexican food is the exception for some reason even though it's my favorite.

I don't think I've ever been to an Indian restaurant where the food was spicy. The opposite goes for Thai.

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I like a lot of mild to moderately spicy foods, especially Indian and Thai dishes.


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I'm a huge fan of spicy food, myself. My parents used to grow their own peppers, and they wound up in pretty much everything we ate. Hell, a few juiced ghost peppers even made their way into our cinnamon whiskey once.

When they first started drying them out, they did it in the microwave at 10% power. Once, my dad forgot to change the setting and wound up setting a batch on fire. Walked through the door after work and it was like somebody set off a tear gas grenade.
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Yes! Spicy food is my favourite! Love Indian based food, and will quite often order a vindaloo from my local - the flavour is insane! I actually enjoy the burning sensation too. I have some frozen curries made with Carolina Reaper chillies which I save for a spice fix, or if i get a cold.

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I don't like spicy food, it's not because it burns your mouth like lava, but you can't have a taste from the actual food :F
[That's my reason, maybe my tongue makes something wrong xD]


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I love spicy food. But as I've gotten older it has stopped loving me, so my tolerance for it has dropped significantly :C

Doesn't stop me from eating spicy Indian food though. <:


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Love spicy food! My favorite spices are chipotle (has a nice smoky flavor to it) and curry of any kind. I have a pretty low tolerance to acidic food but most coconut curries are easy on my tum (I guess it balances out?)

I'm also a huge fan of Ethiopian spicy food but I can't find any good places here ;w; guess I'll learn to cook it...

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I don't like spicy foods, usually.... *unless* it's the extra crispy KFC chicken.... (which has a little kick to it).

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I almost always eat spicy and sweet food. Very Rarely do I eat anything savory..It has to be spicy, and have a lot of flavor with peppers, onions, chives, cilantro, etc..or chances are - I don't wanna eat it..


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Spicy food is good, although sadly I have a tolerance level. It's a bit nice to eat such things now and then, though. The most interesting spicy dish I've encountered in Sichuan hotpot, which I had the opportunity to try in Shanghai years back. It's better to experience it yourself, especially when it comes to how the spices makes your mouth numb.
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I can only tolerate mild spiciness, and it's not something I seek out. Very mild chili is probably the spiciest thing I actually enjoy, and only because it tastes odd to cook it without the spicy ingredients.