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Chirstmas Deal ! $13 Custom , mini ref , comes with digital icon or sketch added !


Mama Memester
Hey everyone ! Just posting this here for those interested , currentlt I’m doing a deal for all commissions where you get an icon or digital sketch with it ! This ends January 1st , and I’ll post the examples of what I just finished a few days ago for a friend named Ash on FB . Currently getting their icon done , here’s how it works. I also do NSFW for those interested , it is not extra charge for the customs .

-$13 can get you a custom with a front veiw and back beiw mini reference . Clothes included , no extra price added unless they are complicated , then we can work it out .
— You get an icon or digital sketch with it of your new character ! — or whoever you want lol —

I have many other options , check out my older post , and I’ll keep a list on current commissions I’m doing .

1. Icon to finish off the commission for Ash on FB.
2. Sketch finished for full reference sheet for Ser Milek on Furry Amino .

I’ll take on 5 slots for the customs . Typically art is done withing a few days after payment or same day if I am off . I work everyday until Thursday , 12/21/17 but I update very freauently c: