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Choosing a Fursuit Maker - Price vs. Wait Time


Sound Sculptor
I'm currently deciding between a couple different fursuit makers. I won't give their names here, but I'd like some help on how to choose which one.

For reference, I am commissioning a full suit with body padding and wefted hair.

So, all three of them are of comparable quality. All of them can produce the kind of suit that I want, and they all have styles that I like. The main difference is price and wait time. One of them is cheaper than the other two (though still just as good quality), but the wait time is 1 year. The other two are more expensive (by around $600), but the wait time is 9 months.

So here's my question: is it worth paying significantly more money to get the suit 3 months earlier? Put differently, is it worth waiting 3 extra months to save a significant amount of money?


Caffeine Addict
I guess it would depend on how quickly you want it. I personally am willing to pay extra for a less of a wait time. Comes down to whether or not you need it for a con in 9 months xD


Keep Smiling :)
I personally would go for the less money....
That extra $600 could easily buy a whole other head from certain people, so you can get your character making two different expressions lol :)