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Christmas sales! cute, sexy, nasty or whatever you want xP


I opened slots for any kind of digital commission a few days ago. There still have two slots available for anyone how want a commission. I can draw any kind of character or scenary ( but I need practice with feather wings)

I will not do sketch commissions or color sketch headshots because they are too cheaper (I`m new on this of making money with commissions and I`m from a thirds world country so less than 5 bucks are ok for me... but I know it will unfair for other artists so I will not recive less than that. Also, recently a group of artist told me that my art is too good for selling it so cheaper)

Anyway, here is the link to reserve a slot. Base prices go between 5$ and 30$ but commissions with more than one character and backgrounds could cost to 90$
www.furaffinity.net: OPEN COMMISSIONS and Christmas offers! -- Galo's Journal

And here is the price list (remeber to ignore sketches prices)
www.furaffinity.net: Price list by Galo