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chu's ychs (halloween theme!)


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hey there, everyone!
because i really love drawing ychs, i decided to post a thread to advertise them!
i generally have themed batches of 4 ychs and i update them pretty frequently; so if you're interested, keep an eye on this thread for any new batches that crop up!

- please read my tos!
- there are 5 slots for each ych
- when all 5 slots are filled for a ych, it will only be available through purchasing the bundle!

current batch:
halloween themed ychs -- open until: 11/1/2017


links to fa posts:

broomstick ych ($15) -- 1/5 slots
vampire ych ($20) -- 0/5 slots
tombstone ych ($15) -- 3/5 slots
ouija ych ($15) -- 1/5 slots
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