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(Commission) Selling: chuu's comms & adopts ($20-$100+) NEW ADOPTS


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hello, you can call me chuu!
i'm offering coloured digital work.
i'm a student working to save money over the summer for my
next year at university. i'm in a pinch rn, so here i am. QwQ/
i'm comfortable drawing most things, most refs i have right
now are of sexy ladies because that's what i like to draw!

commission prices
headshot/icon - $25
half body - $50
full body -$100
chibi- $20 (i have no furry chibi refs, so cheap for now!!)

all of these girls you see on this post
are currently available for $35 each!
bunny and cat: sold
deer: www.furaffinity.net: delicious deer adopt - OPEN by chuukey
dog: www.furaffinity.net: dom dog adopt - OPEN by chuukey

- paypal only, USD
- payment first
- double prices for couple shots etc
- i'm comfortable with nsfw material
- also open to doing things like character sheets,
icon sets, really whatever just ask!
- i draw humans too, ask about refs
- feel free to give me any extra information along with
references of your character: expression, details to note, etc.

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The whimsical clown
Your art is so pretty!!!