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Clashing Color Challenge


Lazy Artist
I want to try a new challenge to improve my character designs.

I want you guys to list off colors. Give me multiple colors and make them clash. The goal is to find a color combination that absolutely can not look good together while my goal is to make every combination work. You may use the color's common name (blue, red, ect), it's shade/variant (light green, dark yellow, ect), HEX code (#000000, #FFFFFF, ect), or a mix of them to alter the difficulty. You may also add restrictions such as Color A can't be an accent marking (aka tiny one) or Color B can't be the base, ect. Otherwise I'll do as I see fit. Also, don't be that guy that lists a gazillion million colors. :p (try to keep them capped at ten, maybe fifteen but that is starting to enter crazy sparkle dog territory, we'd rather not go there)

I'm going to then draw an animal character in any style of my choosing and add whatever markings, accessories, and what not to make sure the colors work for said character so it doesn't become an eyesore. The art I draw is mine (as is it's concept) and I can/will do whatever I want with it. This is not a request-thing but a challenge to push character design.

It'd be fun if other users wanted to try as well. If you want to participate for similar reasons, do so and show us what you came up with. It sounds like it'll be fun. :D

(sure I can just generate a random list of colors but this sounds like it'd be more fun)


Chartreuse yellow used only as base (#DFFF00), Sky Blue (#B2FFFF), Olivine (#9AB973), Alizarin Crimson (#E32636), Lavender (#B57EDC), Saffron (#F4C430) and Jet Black (#343434)


The Arcane Sage
Forest green and crimson red, side by side only no overlap! Uh....maybe not.... well yeah but give a warning as those colors side by side vibrate and may cause some people with certain traits to go into convulsions or pass out. Would be interesting to see though. I did a painting like that once, the professors made me take it out of the studio and forbid me from doing it again. Be careful please, if you accept that one.


Lazy Artist
I have great ideas~ Didn't have time to draw during the day but hopefully tonight.