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Claw or sword?


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Hell yeah I would use the sword.

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a clawed gunsword.


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Weapon. Claws are, almost entirely, horrible weapons unless the person you're facing is both unarmed and not trained in proper weaponless martial arts.

For a starters, stick your arm out. That's your reach with your claws. Add a foot and a half to that. That's my reach with a short sword, and it's only going to increase from there.

That's just melee weapons on reach. Furthermore, consider defensive items in an off-hand. With claws, you have none - you're going to have to expose yourself to use your claws, fangs, and so on. Thrusting weapons can be used in conjecture with a shield, either by yourself without sacrificing defense or by someone behind you with you focusing on shielding. So, while you have claws, I have a nice wood shield and a solid foot-plus reach advantage over you.

Let alone considering what you can hurt with each. An axe could cleave through some armors pretty handily, especially of higher quality. Furthermore, even a war-axe can (poorly) be used as a tool to get fire wood. What about a set of claws? You have natural nail scissors... and that's about it.

Yeah, a claw is better than nothing. If given the option "Would you like to train in bare-hand martial arts" or "Would you like to train in martial arts having you wearing bear claws over your hand", I'd take the fucking bear claws if only for style and the ability to shout quips more readily. However, if someone asked "Would you like me to train you in how to beat someone up with your hands and nails, or would you like me to teach you how to fire a bow and wield a gladius", I'd take the lessons on a bow and gladius. Each is going to take time, but one's going to be much further reaching and useful if I got into an earnest fight.

This is assuming no modern tech, mind, and also assuming I can't train in both / am not living someplace where I can carry a sword around on my person. Firearms can be even worse for someone using claws: Your range is your reach. Mine is 50+ meters. Add in that they can be used reliably at shorter ranges too, can be used as improvised melee weapons, are easy to conceal, and so on...

Essentially: Yeah, claws can be good. Equal training, physique, and so on, someone with claws has a slight advantage over one without (slightly further reach at same height, can slash / slice as well, and so on) in hand-to-hand, but give someone else a weapon and much less training and they'll win a lot more readily. Outside anime physics, that is, wherein the claw user can be a 1337 bullet-dodger ninja who's more protected naked than a guy in full plate and with a shield.


I say use anything you can, to defend you'rself. Use Both claws and a sword if you can.


Thats me by the way
Id use both a handgun and a free claw. Why fight these things when they work so much better together?


well considering i fire lazers i would most likely use those


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