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Clay workers

This isn't anything I need right away, I just want to do a small search on fellow artist for what I would like to have sometime.

I'm looking for someone that is good at making:

Furry figurings
Urns/Lidded Jars

I want to get something made in the remberance of my father. It'll be kind of a personal christmas gift to myself. Since I said I like to look through the artist that would be willing to help me, and when I am sure I found the right one I give all the needed details for the Figure and what should be on the jar/urn I ask for.


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Moving this to The Black Market, since it's searching for commission work.


Are you... Putting his ashes in that?


Are you... Putting his ashes in that?

He was never creamated, though I had a though of taking a little of the soil from his burral ground and placing in it. I know it sounds silly, but it still be a little something of where he is to take with me when I move out of Indiana.


I'm so sorry for your loss hun.




http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2551234/ (this one was built on a wooden artists doll, and sculpted in Apoxie, which is amazingly durable stuff)

I actually don't think this is weird/silly at all. When my husband and I move, we want to take a cutting of the tree we planted as a memorial to our cat that passed away, to replant at our new home. It's about keeping a tangible part of that memory with you, always. Best of luck whomever you chose, I'm sure it will end up being something special. :3
Thank you everyone for all the artist to look though and pick from. I plan to draw what I like to see of my request since it be easier then trying to explane in detail for me. Though I still don't plan on putting the request fully through until September.

Again Thank you everyone for helping search for the artist with the style I like to see!
This is really personal and sounds like it will be a great commission. I recommend looking for someone who is really good at this stuff... but spend some time searching don't compromise on something like this. Least thats my opinion. Best of luck finding the right artist for the job.