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Digital Artist
I'm selling digital sketches and watercolors~!




Opening up with 5 slots available~!
Sketches: $15 USD
Watercolor: $25 USD

Slot 1: OPEN
Slot 2: OPEN
Slot 3: OPEN
Slot 4: OPEN
Slot 5: OPEN

I will do: Humans/Humanoids, Furry/Anthro, OCs, Canon Characters, Self-Inserts, Lewd
I will NOT do: Gore, NSFW, Fetish, Mech
I can refuse a commission for any reason.
Commissions may be streamed on Twitch.tv/chickyoudontknow

Payment is due upfront and will be done via Paypal invoice.
Payment is refundable only under strict circumstances.

Progress/check-in pics will be sent at least once for sketches and at least twice for watercolors.

Each piece will take a maximum of 1 week. Customers will be notified if a delay occurs.

Please provide a reference~!

Do not sell.
Do not repost without proper credit and links.
Do not remove the signature.

Please feel free to ask any questions you need to~!​
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