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Digital Artist

Original post on FA can be found here! (I'll copy and paste the description.)
www.furaffinity.net: Clear Sky Canine Adopt - $20 by RomieTears

I was stuck on what to call this-
Here's an adopt using the base I have recently made! Check it out in the link further down!

The set price for this adopt is $20 (USD). Upon purchase, you will receive the unwatermarked version of this image and the "adopt me" bit will be removed. (If you have a name in mind for this character, I can also replace the wording to show their name and a bit of info; age, likes, dislikes, etc.)

[TOS] Upon purchasing this character...

*You may use the character however you please.
*You have the liberty to edit the design in any way (colors, genetics...)
*You may ONLY resell the character for the price you purchased it for. You may also gift or trade the character as you please.
*Do not claim the design as your own.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL, so please think carefully before you consider buying! I only accept payments through PayPal. Thank you!

You can find the base used here!
www.furaffinity.net: Canine/Feline Base Set [+Base and Adopt Raffle!] by RomieTears

Click on that link and read on to enter a raffle! The winner gets the character in that post AND the whole multi-base set for FREE!