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Cliché furries

What are some common things amongst fursonas? I feel like multicolored eyes and a murderous dark side are pretty common.


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just... so many... canines
I mean don't get me wrong, canines are awesome
but theres nothing more cliche than a canine, and despite the fact I love felines, they seem to come in a near second, but I think canines are most definitely the most dominant fursona you will ever see.


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Chicks with dicks.
...JUST for the sake of having a dick.
( ie: strictly fetish material, of which this fandom already has plenty )

( edit: -and yes, i realize i'm editing this over 5 years late but i feel i need to make a clarification )

( well...that and i'm curious who'll even notice i posted something )
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Superpowers... one guy I used to know had a whole bunch of ridiculous powers for his fursona. As cool as your fox is, why the hell can they turn invisible, fly and reincarnate (to name a few)?!


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Scars on faces.
Being 'shy characters'.
Getting angry when they see their friends getting hurt.
Silly hybrid combinations.
Using adjectives as sona names. (E.g. Hi! I'm Fiery!)

I'm sure I can think of more.

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All this talk of cliche furries is making me debate if my character avatar and name is one.

But to answer the thread....I'm going to say foxes being crafty and mischievous in general


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Extreme sexual prowess. Miniscule refractory time, erection for hours, cumming buckets.


canines... why fuxking so many.
And they have superpowers but they shouldnt have powers.

Mary sue fursonas with super strong bla.

buffed up fursonas with muscles like hulk . i see someones dong expanding ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

An fursona with no special mark.


Unnatural-colored noses (guilty as charged w/ chrome, fuck you it's cute! ).

Not only is it commonly used but I have noticed when a character's nose is anything else but natural it attracts so much more people to the character. Like, I noticed a dramatic increase in faves/watches on my FA's as soon as I applied the chrome nose to Ian. It's odd...

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Tuff guy or a sex slave kind of bio.


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absurd markings


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People who want their sonas to have everything on them at once.
"I want to have the front legs of an eagle, the back legs of a goat, and a dragon tail, and a blue penis, and dinosaur spines, and polka dots, and stripes, and.. "

Just stop.
Anime hair.
Weird hybrids or just hybrids in general.
Weird colors and weird colored parts.
Perfect characters (you know, super buff, strong, all that stuff).
Super powers.
Canines, felines, dragons. I love them, though, so it's not like this is a bad thing.
Can take anything.
Can fit anything.
Can cum as many times as they need to.
Don't get tired.
Last extremely long.
Wings everywhere.
Horns everywhere.
Shy characters.
Tough guys.

Probably a few other things too, but eh. I don't feel like thinking too hard.


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There is nothing new under the sun and no one is a special snow flake.. so I feel that we shouldn't care about whether something is cliché or not and just be whatever we like, especially if it makes us happy.