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Now With 20% More Insolence
Hello, and thanks for succombing to your curiosity long enough for me to introduce myself:

I'm Sylas, a dragon (oh, Christ...not another one).

I'm new to this whole forum thing, but I've been a furry for as long as I can remember, just never a part of the fandom. I figured it was about time to join. At very least, I had the good sense to lurk around the forums for a few days to test the waters, as it wouldn't make any sense to just jump in head first. I'm glad I did. It seems that this most of this forum is riddled with spiteful, sarcastic, cold-hearted bastards, with only a few good souls thrown in for good measure...we should get along just fine.

I look foward to making all of your acquaintances.


back'n up back'n up
Hello and welcome to FAF, hope you enjoy it here. Have fun.:)


I Put The 'Fun' Into Funeral!
what do you mean oh christ not another one xD


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Welcome in FA, hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^

Mr. Platypus

Mmm mmm good.
*waves webbed foot, hands you coffee*
Dragons, and wolves, and felines, oh my! :)
I'm starting to feel like an outcast here.

Welcome to the forums, and do enjoy your stay. Please, no fire breathing if that's what your species of dragon does....I do not want to even imagine what I would smell like singed.